2018-05-23 14:41:00
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Orlando, USA, March 7-8, local time.


The annual International Wireless Communications Exhibition (IWCE) was held. More than 400 exhibitors displayed the latest products and development trends in the industry.


IWCE is a global event in the field of professional wireless communications. Tens of thousands of people in the wireless communications industry are participating.


The exhibition is organized by Penton Media Exhibitions and is a well-known wireless exhibition in the United States. It is intended for wireless communication applications within the field of wireless communication applications, such as public security, transportation, mobile communications, IT industry, and other buyers and wireless communication industry professionals. And business opportunities provide an important platform.

        IWCE展是由Penton Media Exhibitions主办的美国知名的无线通讯展,为无线通信应用领域内,如公共安全, 交通运输, 移动通信,IT产业等行业的买家和无线通信业内专业人士共享无线通信技术与商机提供了一个重要平台。

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